Ok, so this is the real deal. Quito was colonized by spaniards and they brought religion with them. Before Christianity, indigenous people used to worship the sun and nature, most of them still do it and celebrate the Inti-Raymi (Party of the sun)
So, long story story short, many churches were build in Quito and the way indigenous people found to express themselves was through hiding and mixing their art inside he churches, that’s how baroque art was born.

There are many many churches in Quito which are gorgeous and so different one from the other, but we had picked this 3 so you can have a glimpse of just a tiny bit of them. The list is long, but his are the three main churches to visit while in Quito.

1. San Francisco de Quito

We could easily talk for hours about this church and their tales but we’ll let that to the guides when you visit it. This is one of the most remarkable churches in Quito, with the plaza and the pigeons. Total romance, perfect for a fairytale weeding such as Tooks and Borrero, but, this is not the topic.

This church is famous for their «sounded art» their walls and selling are covered with wood creating marvelous shapes and textures, make sure to pay a visit and check that amazing blue dome filled with stars from the inside.

2. La Companía

OMG, seriously this one is one of those places that takes your breath away. It has an amazing gold vault selling, the entrance is superb with those thick rock columns. Everything is on equilibrium. Is a «no photo» allowed place but is totally worth the visit.

3. Santo Domingo

To begging with, get to the plaza of Santo Domingo, from then on, the experience is marvelous. The main church is so pretty, but the one you need to focus on is on the small chapel. A red one so different from the others and so captivating. A hidden jewel of Quito. (and while there, you can just walk down to San Marcos area and have a coffee, that is one of the cutest areas in downtown Quito.

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