When you visit Quito, make sure to stop by this 3 marvelous places.

1. MUNA- National Museum of Ecuador

This one is one of the most important museums of the country, here you will find relevant information as art from all of the regions and eras.
A great gold collection and a route with a great historic anthropologic perspective.
Located in front of El Ejido park, this museum is worth paying a visit.


This one is one of the most gorgeous places to spend the day at. Filled with pre-colombian jewels it gives you an idea of why Ecuador is the way it is and how we got here. It is set near San Francisco Church at down town Quito.


Do you know what 0º 0′ 00″ means? This place is a MUST VISIT for sure, here you will learn about all of the regions that make Ecuador Ecuador, and also understand what it means to be at the «half of the world» where two different strengths work. They have very nice scientific tests to prove you why you are really standing in the half of the world and you will be able to stand half side on the north and half side on the south of the Ecuador line. Give it a try, definitely a nice place to visit.

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