Storage and transportation

Do you want to enjoy Quito during the day, but not taking all your suitcases with you?

Set inside Maywa Suites, this place is the perfect one to storage your goods. No matter for how long, we have all the rates available.

Drop of and pick up schedule: Monday – Saturday 8:30am – 13:00pm
Make sure to book your appointment in advance

Daily rate:
5 usd for small bags
10 usd for medium
15 usd for large and lockers (usually for one medium and one small bag)
bikes surfboards or similar 30 usd  for each 24 hours. 

20% 7 DAY DISCOUNT, 35% MONTHLY DISCOUNT over 28 days

MONTHLY STORAGE, BOXES OR BIGGER GOODS, contact us directly: Whatsapp: +593 939 549 061


There is a lost ticket fee charge of 5 USD. You will be required to show appropriate identification and you must be able to detail the contents of the baggage; both, to our complete satisfaction. You will be required to sign an indemnifier, and copies will be taken of the documentation supplied.

A third party collection is possible, only if the person shows the original ticket or written and signed authorization by the depositor at the time of deposit.


We will take you anywhere you want! Please book in advance at or via Whatsapp click here!

  • Quito Airport Drive with private driver $45 if you need a SUV or bigger car for extra luggage room $60
  • Day drive Mitad del Mundo + Museo Intiñán $120 (up to 2 people)
  • Day tour hummingbird watching and coffee tasting! $120 price per person, minimum 2 people per tour.
  • Longer distance drives, yup! We are up for it, just text us and we will answer all your doubts: or via Whatsapp click here!