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We hope this will make your life easier when in Quito, and will make you love our city so much more than we know you will.


Don’t travel with all your suitcases, drop it here and pick it up when in Quito.
Daily, monthly fees.

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Rooftop Yoga

This are the rates
1 session pass: $10
4 sessions pass: $35
8 sessions pass: $55

sign up at or
at 0939 549 061

ART lessons

The best art studio in town is Clases Arte Quito, they have express 1 day lessons, permanent drawing and painting lessons for grownups and early stimulation for kids from 3-5 years old and experimental art for kids from 6-14 years old.

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COVID – Test Labs

The most accesible labs, convenient and remarkable on its performance. Just visit them and get your Covid-results in les than 24hrs.

Check your options at the link.

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Airport transfers and other drives

Play it safe, is no time to crash adventure, at least not on this topic.
Let us pick you up or drop you off wherever you want. We work with professional drivers, always better safe than sorry.
Plus, so much more comfortable and private
Flat airport transfer rate $40

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Group and 1-1 Tours

Let yourself be lead by one of our super guides. We will show you some pretty cool secret and hidden jewels in Quito and its surroundings,
Go beyond the tourist side and check the real Quito.

Click here and read more about what we can offer you. And in case you don´t find what you are looking for, drop as a line, we will make it for you.

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This was the most amazing experience we had in Quito. We loved to paint at the terrace while eating those traditional Ecuadorian sweets (and super novelty drinks)
We totally recommend it!



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