NEIGHBORHOOD: Maywa Suites’ Surroundings, Community and Collaboration

To live as a community is to live better

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Kind People

We enjoy of a community life based on a conscious consumption and collaborative way of living. That is why we allowed ourselves to introduce you to our friends from the neighborhood. Little stores and businesses, some of them with delivery, which will make your stay in Quito as nice, easy (and yami) as possible.

Did you find another nearby places? RECOMMEND THOSE TO US PLEASE!

El Pulpo Rest

Great fresh seafood: oysters, octopus, lobster, etc
Calle San Ignacio E10-114 y Coruña
Make your reservation / Has tu reserva
Whatsapp: 0986309086
Para mariscos, solo haz tu reserva con tiempo!

Caffe y Nata

For amazing breakfasts and lunch!
Para desayunos y almuerzos deliciosos!
La Colina N26-177 y Av Orellana
Whatsapp: 099 961 7417


Quickly Market & Restaurant

Everything you need from a great conversation, to a coffee, breakfast, lunch, groceries, snacks, anything really.

Just go up there at Av. Coruña and San Ignacio Street, right at the corner, or if you like order delivery
Whatsapp: 0998078188

Credit cards and cash accepted


Abiertos de Lunes a Viernes de 7:30 am-6pm

REAL YAMMI BREAD and coffee! Just a couple of blocks up the hill, get some treat! or order Delivery
Plácido Caamaño & San Ignacio
Whatsapp: 099 512 9867



Abiertos de Miércoles a Sábados! / Open fron Wendesday to Saturday. Nice restaurant pub, also with delivery service.
Paul Rivet E11-30 & Av. 6 de Diciembre
Carlos David espera tu mensaje!
A domicilio: 099 852 6112



Lunes a viernes de 11h00 a 20h30, sábado de 8h00 a 20h00 y domingo de 8h30 a 14h00.

The cutest coffee place in Quito / amazing breakfast and pretty cool outdoors area. Or if you like order online, they deliver!
Café, postres, lasañas. Daniel te atiende con tus órdenes a domicilio. Whatsapp: 099 566 8921


Laboratorio diseño/gastronomia

Get a new, fresh experience at El Laboratorio.
They use local products and have an interesting twist to it.

Make your reservations or order delivery
whatsapp: 09 8602 0551

De la Llama

Recommended by many of our guests.
Just go ahead, give it a try!
Suiza N33-113

Make your reservations or order delivery
whatsapp: 09 8909 5312


Lunes a Viernes de 12pm-2pm, Rosita empuja su carrito por la San Ignacio. Si quieres ordenar algo en especial llámala al 098 859 6363 / Frutes and veggies straight to your door. Check on Rosita right outside Maywa around noon. If you want something special call her and ask for it, she only speaks Spanish! Give it a try, fresh day to day groceries.

Shepherd- Made in Ecuador/ circular economy on-line store

Entregas a Domicilio de Lunes a Sábado / Delivery, order everything you like, well made in Ecuador. Find their products at
FREE SHIPPING to Maywa clients!
Gaby toma tu pedido en Whatsapp: 098 7797 098



Janet estará feliz de ayudarte con tu ropa de lunes a sábado de 9am a 6pm. Lavado al peso, recoge y deja a domicilio./ She will be happy to help you with your clothes. Charges by the wight and picks up and drops off your clothes at Maywa Suites.

Text her! Practice your Spanish!
La Colina 20-204 y Av. Orellana
Whatsapp: 099 700 5356


Janet con su nuevo emprendimiento te ofrece también flores a domicilio, pide con tiempo al
Whatsapp: 099 700 5356 / If you want flowers, or send someone a gift, order a bouquet to Janet. Text her!


Abierto 24hrs / open 23hrs
Coruña & San Ignacio
Medicinas, decoración y snacks.
A domicilio descarga la app o marca al
*1010 desde tu celular. / If you want your meds delivered, best order it through the app download it to your cellphone FYBECA, or walk a couple of blocks.


Abierto Lunes a Sábado 9am-8pm, domingo 9am 5pm. Yanez Pinzon y Santa María, dentro de Centro Comercial Multicentro. Todo en alimentos y productos de primera necesidad. / a big supermarket with everything you need. Just cross the street, you will find it at Centro Comercial Multicentro

Why should you buy local? / Motivos por los que te gustará consumir local & barrial

Walk a little bit, get your products in less time, and: Camina un poquito, o recibe tus productos en menos tiempo, y todo esto de BONUS!:

  • Get good quality / Buena calidad
  • Fast and warm service/ Servicio rápido y cálido
  • 100% Smiles / Sonrisas al 100%
  • Sustainable / Sostenible
  • Less environmental impact / Menor impacto ambiental
  • You will be supporting a circular, communitary and collaborative economy / Apoyas a una economía circular, comunitaria y colaborativa