Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Try it all, food, drinks, places, music. Don´t limit yourself, try it all and then decide if you like something or not.
    Our typical food, might not be so «typical» for you, just take the adventure and dare to taste it all.
    There is life beyond Mc.Donalds
  2. Water in Quito is drinkable, take your time to adjust to the change. Bring a refillable bottle with filter with you and avoid buying plastic.
  3. Be ready to all kinds of weather. We are in the Ecuador but, specifically in Quito, you can have a super sunny day in the morning, and they a rainy chilly afternoon. Bring clothes for all kinds of weather. Socks are highly appreciated.
  4. Bring change, is not common in Ecuador to pay anything with 50-100 dollars bills, so bring your 20’s. And don´t get scared if you get change in coins, like $1 coins, that’s a thing here.
  5. Take the «gringo» word friendly. We call gringo or gringuitos to all that are not from Latinamerica and speak something else than Spanish, so, have fun with the nick name, for us is a cute word to be used. Be proud to be called a gringo, embrace it!
  6. If you get lost or need info just ask, everyone here will be happy to help, and if they cannot at least you will take a smile with you.

    7. Check the small theaters, alternative cinemas, small coffee shops and have a blast!


  1. Don´t be the gringo on the street with the big camera and the cellphone. Beware. If you need to use your cellphone when in the street, get near/inside a store or near a guard. Sadly with the pandemic things became a bit complicated here.
  2. Don´t bargain. Ok, we know we are in Latinamerica and everyone have told you is what you should do when you get here, but seriously, it is tremendously offensive and annoying.
    If you can’t pay for a artisanal product, or fresh veggies, or even a rent, please look for a place, other seller or products that suits you better, don´t put the seller under this.
  3. Don´t try to live a life like yours in your country, consider we live differently here and we use different stuff. So, just go with the flow and enjoy the ride.
  4. Don´t walk alone late at night, then and again, the pandemic has its consequences, better take an Uber, it doesn’t matter if its only 4-5 blocks away. Better be safe than sorry.
  5. Don´t just hang out with other gringos, mingle and get to know people from Ecuador and our traditions and way of living. Get the full experience.

    6. If you are trying to learn Spanish, leave your english behind. Go for it! try to speak Spanish. No shame on making mistakes, learn from those.

    7. Don´t take all your cash in your wallet. Split it and always hide big amounts of money in a funny pack in your pants or under your t-shirt. Careful with pick pocketters as in any other big city.

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